Firefox’s new native Inspect Element menu

I have been using Firebug for more years than I can count and I have been an avid supporter. In fact, Firebug is probably the one reason why I continue to use Firefox as my go to browser for web development. Today, however, I noticed a new entry in my contextual menu called “Inspect Element”.

Of course I clicked and I have to say, I really liked what I saw. The way the elements are highlighted with a lightbox effect is quite nice, and the interface just feels more mature to me then firebug or other native Inspect Element menus. It has certainly grabbed my attention, and I am definitely going to use it for the next few days.   Maybe it will win me away from my old standby.


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  • The great thing also about the Inspect Element is that it is available in the other browsers (that is….except for Internet Explorer…) It is a fantastic tool to use when designing.

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