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What is SharePoint?

I have a training session tomorrow morning where I have the pleasure of introducing a room of people to the concept of SharePoint. Now I know some may snicker because SharePoint has a few thorns, but I really do see the value it can bring to a company when it is introduced properly.  Especially when people know how […]

The Screen Recording Experiement

After a recent conversation with my buddy Jason, I decided to record a video to give him a quick refresher on how to update his site. In the past I’ve used Jing but I wanted something that did not have a time limit and had a bit more functionality. So, I decided this was a […]

Firefox’s new native Inspect Element menu

I have been using Firebug for more years than I can count and I have been an avid supporter. In fact, Firebug is probably the one reason why I continue to use Firefox as my go to browser for web development. Today, however, I noticed a new entry in my contextual menu called “Inspect Element”. […]

First Impressions: SharePoint Online’s Site Templates

This weekend I decided to take a little stroll around SharePoint Online. I had poked around the Team Site template already but I was really curious about how a publishing site would behave. So, I went ahead and created a site using the Publishing Template. The root site I was working from was created using […]

Summary Link Web Part: Is it worth the code bloat?

Sometimes as a SharePoint front-end developer you have to sacrifice the desire for the leanest code possible in order to create a better authoring experience. Take for example the common requirement for authors to add Quick Links to a page. The Summary Link Web Part is perfect for this task but I would often overlook […]

Google Analytics: Mobile Screen Resolutions

I mentioned in my previous post that I had a plan to work on a mobile site for Brain Lava. Well, the next day I created some alternate CSS using the CSS3 media queries. It was working fine both in portrait and landscape mode for my iPhone but when I tested it against a friend’s […]

Welcome to Brain Lava!

I will admit it, this site has been a very long time coming. Brain Lava is a domain that I registered many moons ago with the idea that I wanted it to be a place where I could share my technical thoughts. Over the years, however, I never seemed to find the time to create […]