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Adding metadata to a folder in SharePoint 2013

Depending on your requirements you may need to assign metadata to a folder. At first I thought it would be fairly straight forward but realized it required a few very specific steps in order to accomplish this task. Step 1: Go to a Document Library that has a Managed Metadata Column and create a folder […]


First Impressions: SharePoint Online’s Site Templates

This weekend I decided to take a little stroll around SharePoint Online. I had poked around the Team Site template already but I was really curious about how a publishing site would behave. So, I went ahead and created a site using the Publishing Template. The root site I was working from was created using […]

Summary Link Web Part: Is it worth the code bloat?

Sometimes as a SharePoint front-end developer you have to sacrifice the desire for the leanest code possible in order to create a better authoring experience. Take for example the common requirement for authors to add Quick Links to a page. The Summary Link Web Part is perfect for this task but I would often overlook […]