Welcome to Brain Lava!

I will admit it, this site has been a very long time coming. Brain Lava is a domain that I registered many moons ago with the idea that I wanted it to be a place where I could share my technical thoughts. Over the years, however, I never seemed to find the time to create a design for the site and, so it sat, collecting virtual dust with an incredibly lame “Coming Soon” page. I did have a great logo though, created by my talented husband, and artist, Gary Pullin.

Well last weekend I decided to do something about it. I gave myself a deadline last Saturday to design and implement a site by this Sunday. Well it’s Sunday night and I am pretty excited to say that I met my goal! Despite the holiday parties, decorating the apartment, christmas shopping and several get together’s with friends, I was able to carve out enough time to complete the mini project.

I have a few things that I am still hoping to iron out, images I want to combine, and a mobile site to create. Overall though I am happy to finally have Brain Lava up and running. A friend once said it’s OK if the beginning is not perfect…at least it is a beginning.


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